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Tricks To Train With A Fitness Bike

The exercise bike is a training equipment that one meets more and more in the gyms. It is indeed excellent for burning calories and losing weight effectively .Cycling is also an excellent cardio exercise that promotes endurance and stabilizes the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, it is less common to integrate the exercise bike into a weight training program . It can, however, bring a real plus due to particular solicitation of certain muscles of the body. check  out Life Fitness Bike to know even more about the tricks to train with a bike.

Muscle lower limbs with the exercise bike

As expected, the exercise bike helps to gain volume in the muscles of the lower body. The practice is indeed identical to that of the traditional bike. The triceps sural , more commonly called calves , are the most solicited during pedaling movements, because they are in permanent movement. Similarly for the muscles of the thighs, both in the quadriceps and hamstrings . These muscles are especially stressed when the foot is brought up by the pedal.

The practice of the exercise bike also has significant impacts on the muscles of the hip joint and glutes. The psoas-iliacus that are located at the bottom of the back extend during the upward pedaling movement. The big glutes are called to work intensely when the foot is on the pedal to push it forward.

Bodybuilding of the upper muscles

Contrary to what one might think, the practice of the exercise bike also challenges certain muscles of the upper part of our body. The biceps, triceps and muscles of the arm are called to interact when the body is supported during pedaling. By adopting a position, the dorsal and abdominal muscles also work a lot while training on an exercise bike. In this case, bodybuilding is done only to a certain extent and can not replace the exercises dedicated to these parts of the body.

Good positions to adopt

For the musculation of the muscles of the lower limbs is done optimally, it is necessary that the saddle is placed at a suitable height . Therefore, the saddle should not be too low, because it minimizes the extension of the muscles. It is therefore necessary that the saddle is located at a height that allows the thighs to extend well and the foot to take good support on the pedal and when it is at its level closest to the ground. To properly engage the muscles at the top, be sure to tilt your body forward rather than upright . You could also exercise a greater pedaling force in this position.

Exercise bike: how often to practice bodybuilding

If your goal is to muscle up some parts of your body using an exercise bike, promote short intense sessions to long sessions at a moderate pace. Indeed, it will better solicit your muscles for optimal cladding . The ideal is to practice at least three sessions a week. Start the week with short sessions of about twenty minutes . The second session should then be more intense and prolonged from 5 to 10 minutes . At the weekend, you can lengthen your sessions even more for up to 45 or 60 minutes with moderate intensity. This training pace will also help you improve your stamina. It will also be necessary to choose bicycles more adapted.

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