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Top Classified Site in India – Post Free Ads

WATCH: How this Bengaluru-based classified site: is helping businesses amplify their sales by 10x aims to help businesses increase not just the traffic to their businesses but also the sales by 10x in category: real estate, jobs, furniture, services, electronics and vehicles with modern selling techniques.

Also, Market research studies consistently reveal that most customers – by some estimates, approximately 90 percent – begin their search for the products and services online. Due to the nature of modern-day businesses, modern digital advertising has become more popular than traditional offline advertising. Also, I believe you probably have done this yourself countless times such as when you search for “best places to find a job in Nepal” or “top job finder company in Nepal.” To be honest, I’ve done more times than you might have obviously thought. So, it’s extremely important for startups and well-founded business to focus on scaling their business advertising digitally.

How is going to help you promote your business and amplify your sales?

Over the last decade, there has been a massive shift in the consumer behavior and today almost 90% of the consumers are depending on the online ads to search for their products and services before they call to your number or walks in your store. So, it’s imperative for your business to be present online. Also, the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation: Bill Gates says, “If your business is not online, then your business will be out of business. These are of great importance in today’s rapidly changing sales industry.

Top 5 Benefits of’s Classified Submission allows you to post your ads digitally just as you post your advertisement in general or local newspapers and magazines.

You can easily attain the interest of the audience to your business product or services by posting a classified ad in classified sites in Nepal.

  • Promote your brands digitally
  • Free to Use
  • Easy to Post your Ad
  • Source of Quality Backlinks for SEO propose
  • More Organic Traffic

You can firmly get the attention of thousands of organic visitors towards your business and create brand awareness towards your products or services digitally.

Nowadays, businesses prefer online classified advertising as you can easily place your advertisement for free of cost reaching a maximum number of customers under less span of time. This ensures you only get organic hits by organic visitors and better visibility. In addition, also steers potential buyers directly to a website via backlinks created in it, thus helping rank higher in the search engine page results. 

What’s more, you can also easily create and post an advertisement within minutes providing essential information about your business products and services. 

People look for your products and services and may try to contact you thus resulting in increased sales and enhanced profits. Guest Posting

What can be the better feeling than getting one quality do follow backlink linking to your website? They allow free guest posting in Nepal with quality backlinks to increase your SEO score in the search engine result pages. You can post your content at no cost and increase online visibility.

Banner Advertisements

Whenever it comes to digital advertising, Banner advertisement always comes at the top to market your brand. With a good design of your brand banner, we can get good visibility in the meantime to the potential prospects. thus helps to increase your brand awareness with quality banner advertisements.

Final Thoughts

Well, you now have gained some great insights on the value offered by in today’s digital world. If you properly utilized classified submission for your business then you can easily get brand recognition in the digital market, generate a attain larger organic traffic to your site and generate a lot of profits.

Did I miss any classified-related benefits that you love? Share them in the comments below!