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How to Register .np Domain Name for free in Nepal?

Do you ever feel stuck in free .np domain name registration for your personal purpose or for business?

If you’ve been looking for .np domain registration, I’m sure you’ve come across the advice to go with the Mercantile Communications only.

Though there are several companies in the market promising that they could register official .np domain for free, Mercantile is the only official .np domain registration company.

I think many of us are now aware of the official .np domain registrar. However, yet if you are struggling to find out the easiest way to register .np domain in your own, then this guide is going to become the bible for you.

Learn how to register .np domain for free

As I mentioned earlier, some people get trapped easily with big font touts of free .np domain registration. But you may never understand what I’m trying to convey until you start registering .np domain in your own.

I sometimes find that taking that first step towards any thing makes it more clearer for me. I believe the same way it works for you as well. So, let’s dive into the registration procedure.

Once you click, the screen could look something like this:

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