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Customers Buying decision through online reviews

In current competitive senario where every one is struggling to remain in top position .but to remain in top requires lots of stretegy in online business where millions of website is running and every company have there own strategy maker .according to survey around 80% of people tends to purchase online throgh ecommerce site.and mainly people purchasing power comes from previous good review posts.

Positive review plays a vital role in increasing trust and creating strong buying behaviour of consumers online. 90% consumers tends to buy products by analyzing positive review .and,these reviews came from consumer personal experiences. Thus these reviews also helps in increasing  search engine optamization ranking.

Why product review are important :

There are lots of reason for company to analyze review posts continusly .at current era no customer have time to visit stores for getting and comparing products usage,costs etc. So online review plays a vital role of getting customers attention and makes them tend to buy products after watching positive or negative review .


Improved your sco score .when every time you get new review for your product. each updates product review automatically convert your static page into dynamic page .so obviosly your seo will boost with latest content search. So your customers can search exacctly what they want with clear content seo strategy.

This also act as free advertisment of your products .every time a new customer comes and visit your review page for product specification every time your customers will get new and fresh catelogues of products .which ultimately gives a good hands on your advertisment part.

How to use review option :

Yes, we can use various methods to get customers review on our products and services .above mention are few concepts through which we can get customers reviews .

1. Emails: 

A benifical method is emails, you can get customer reviews through sending them quality emails occasionaly to know there experinces while purchasing products or services.use your emails to become active part of your community ,update them with latest sales, offers ,suscription options. alltogether engage your customers every time through your emails to get positive reviews on your site.

2. Add review forms : 

Add review forms in your website to get customers reviews that will help other customers to get instant informatikn about your product.thus this will aid to increase in conversion rate of your ecommerce website.

3. Reward programs :

Majority of your customers dont write review about on your products or services this is may be they dont find it  benificial to write reviews or they dont have enough time to spend on review form. Try to attract them with rewards programs and in return you can request them for there experience

4. Take advantage of social media:

You can also take advantage of social media in a great way. Always try to put links on every product and services in your social media pages and ask your followers to leave reviews about your products and services. You can use various bookmarking sites and review softwares to get reviews from your customers.

In current senario customers reviews and ratings cant be ignored .they directly influnce your customer buying decisions and increase or decrease your business conversion rate .

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Amy wise (President)

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