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BODY FAT | What is it and Healthy Percentages?

What is body fat?

Body fat has many functions such as using them as a  source of energy, protect ourselves from the cold, store vitamins, cover joints … This fat is necessary and we should not worry about it, the problem is when we exceed the necessary fat levels and begin to accumulate fat reserves with the sole function of waiting for an energy deficit to pull them.

What weighs more, fat or muscle?

Logically, 1 kg of fat weighs the same as 1 kg of muscle. But it would not be 1 Kg. But for that same Kg, fat will take up much more space, because the muscle is much denser than fat.

That is why sometimes in rookie people who start to muscle they see that they gain weight on the scale, while in the mirror they look increasingly rocky and defined. What has actually happened is that they have lost fat and gained muscle.

And this muscle weighs more than the fat they have lost, hence the weight gain and also that they are more defined, because they have lost body fat. The muscle has a density of 1.6 g / ml while the fat is much lighter having a density of only 0.9 g / ml.

This is another reason why women should not be afraid of Calisthenics or weight training, since they will gain muscle but not increase in size. They would only increase and not much in case of leading an elite athlete training (Crossfit world champions style), which train 6 days a week with double or triple sessions and carry a diet to achieve that hypertrophy and definition depending on the phase of the season in which they are.

And then there is the issue of chemistry and steroids. But since these two cases are not those of our Calisthenic readers, they should not worry.

Why does this happen?

The muscle is denser because it is composed, among other things, of water, since it is in charge of storing the muscle glycogen that will later serve us to put cane into our training sessions.

On the other hand, fat is a dead tissue, so to speak. This is the reason why for almost any sports discipline it is essential not to have a high% of body fat, since all you are going to do is ballast and make us move slower.

How are levels or percentages of body fat measured?

We must remember that our weight is not a reliable indicator of our state of health, because muscle and fat for the same weight occupy a different space, this is the reason why two people of the same weight and height can have a composition totally different body.

Since our body weight is not a reliable indicative, the BMI (Body Mass Index) will not be, since it only divides the weight by height. The BMI could serve among sedentary people, who have not built any muscles, although the percentage of body fat will always be much more reliable , because there we can clearly see what is the excess fat we have.

To make these measurements there are various methods, each more picturesque and with different error rates. The most reliable will always be by measuring the skin folds. There are also bioimpedance measurements , and other more modern methods but also more difficult to access. For ordinary people, the easiest to implement would be the skin folds.

What levels of body fat are healthy?

In this table we can observe the different levels for both men and women between which we can differentiate if a person is considered clinically obese speaking or if they are in a good state of shape (as far as body fat is concerned).

Why do women have more fat and do their% ranges vary to be healthy?

The answer is simple. Women usually have up to 10% more body fat because they need these reserves by the time they get pregnant, in which they need to have all the energy demands they have.

Very high body fat?

High levels of body fat (obesity) are often accompanied by poor nutrition and a sedentary life. This is a cocktail for all kinds of coronary diseases, cancer, strokes and many other hardships.

And not only that, but also that obesity presents difficulties in the day to day of the people who suffer from it, making an odyssey to climb some stairs or have to run to get on time to the bus. Things that for a normal person, shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Very low body fat?

On the other side of the scale we have two types of people, those who compete in bodybuilding championships, which get to have very low percentages of fat, which stops being healthy in the long term (in theory they only have these very low levels of fat in the competition).

The biggest problem that usually arises is due to the lack of a correct contribution of vitamins and minerals, which is why we always recommend supplementing with a multi-vitamin in periods of definition.

And on the other hand we have people with diseases such as anorexia, which is worse even because they also have hardly any muscle mass. The first still after the competition again increase caloric intake and recover, these seconds have more complicated, since their metabolism is practically dead.

How can I reduce my body fat percentage?

We already have many posts where we talk about the definition , but it never hurts to remember it. To define ourselves we will need a caloric deficit, that is, ingest less energy than we spend. Now, we should not have a very exaggerated deficit because then we will take a lot of muscles along the way. The ideal is between 10 – 15% deficit with respect to maintenance calories.

Then on the other hand we will add one or two loads of hydrates a week. This has its reason to avoid the negative effects of a prolonged deficit while helping us recover physically and mentally to take advantage of and do the hardest training of the week and even achieve some muscle gain.

In these “refeeds” we will eat a little above the maintenance calories, that is, we will make a small caloric superhabit. It should be noted that these days are refeed, where the amount of food and the proportion of macronutrients is controlled. It is not at all a “cheat meal” where we go blind to donuts.

How to make a well done volume?

First of all, we have to forget about the piggy volumes where we eat 2,000 extra Kcal to the maintenance calories. As in the volume we will make an extra caloric of approximately 10%.

That is because the body has a limited ability to create muscle tissue in one day, so we have to feed ourselves enough to generate that amount, but spend more, all we will get is to swell our belly.

Here then it depends on each one if on the days of rest he makes a normal caloric diet or if we keep the extra calories. I personally prefer to go for a more mental issue because it is my day of disconnection, but I am fully aware that the rest day is the day of growth, where our body will take advantage to grow our muscles. To get better muscles and least fat, you can try some pharma grade hgh injections for sale online.

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