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6 Kitchen Upgrades That Are Worth the Money

A kitchen is a significant room for most homes. Apart from meal preparation, family members and guests gather in the kitchen to socialize and eat. Spending time in the kitchen is said to improve one’s health because consuming home-cooked meals attracts various health benefits.

Besides, a kitchen is a place where children learn social skills. Do you wish that your guests dine in your kitchen, but the kitchen is a little old-fashioned? It is time to revamp the kitchen! Below is a list of upgrades you need to make to have a kitchen of your dreams and save face.

A Granite Countertop

A granite countertop is an eye candy and is a common feature in modern kitchen shows. A granite table makes the kitchen beautiful, and it is heat resistant. Although most prefer laminate to granite, these materials are cheap but are not heat resistant.

Besides, the joy that you get from a guest complimenting a granite countertop and the value added to your home is immense, thus the need for this upgrade. However, choose a color that will complement the furniture and cabinetry in the kitchen to create balance.


Good lighting is a focal point for a kitchen. Besides the primary function of having lights in a room, lighting can also improve the appearance of a room and boost one’s mood. It is that time to replace old fluorescent lamps with beautiful looking steampunk-style pendant lamps or under cabinet lighting. Go ahead and dump the traditional incandescent lights and replace them with LEDs. The LEDs stay brighter for a longer time and also save energy costs.

A Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island enhances the appearance of the room on top of the storage spaces it offers. If your kitchen is small, it is time to think of acquiring one or even two kitchen islands depending on the space available. A kitchen island also gives extra seats for guests and family.  As such, guests are not left alone in the living room but can join you in the kitchen as you fix a meal.

A kitchen island can be used to add preparation sinks or even drawers making the kitchen more functional. Imagine the versatility that comes from having a kitchen island, which includes changing the position of the island, the additional storage and seating space it adds to the kitchen. If your kitchen is small and you need more room and seating space, you do not have to knock down a wall to extend a kitchen. Get yourself a kitchen island.


Kitchen cabinets can improve the appearance of the room, hence the need to replace and remodel them. Adding features like roll-out trays and more shelves can be expensive, but the storage benefits are immense. It’s time to replace that particle board on the sides of the shelves with plywood because it is more durable.

Having cabinets that have soft close doors and full extension drawers is worth the money. Drawers that slide open all the way and those that have sides and backs can keep many items neat and orderly. Painting the cabinets with warm tones can give it a modern feel.


An updated tile floor adds extra value to the kitchen. The large-sized tiles are in fashion for most homes today, and it is time to replace the old linoleum tiles with vinyl tiles. The vinyl tiles have been specially designed to mimic the properties of high-end surfaces and are more affordable. Large-sized tiles create a streamlined look and make cleaning easy. The tiling is not limited to the floor, but it extends to the walls. Imagine having a ceramic tile behind the sink or having a patterned accent wall in the kitchen.

Sinks and Faucets

The importance of having a sink in the kitchen is indisputable. Having a worn-out sink is an eyesore and can be embarrassing, especially when a mean guest has to comment on the state of the sink. It is the time to paint that sink, choose a vibrant color that compliments the floor and the kitchen walls.

You can opt for a multi-purpose sink, which allows the cook to perform several functions while on the sink. A multi-purpose sink has a cutting board and can rotate to facilitate the task at hand, saving you a lot of strain and time. Besides, it’s time to replace the dull sink with hammered stainless steel or copper sink for a fresh new look in the kitchen.

The reason for the upgrade is to give the kitchen a fresh new look. A beautiful space relieves stress, which promotes healthy living. Replacing old floors and faulty lights reduce accidents in the kitchen. The benefits that arise from using energy-saving and efficient kitchen equipment like dishwashers are immense.

Although some upgrades can be expensive, the results are worth the investment. Imagine revamping the kitchen and then selling the house double the price you invested. Imagine being able to bring your guests and friends over for dinner and having them join you in the kitchen. Imagine having an energy-efficient dishwasher that does not only save you the strain but also the dollar. The above upgrades will do wonders!

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